Informed by expert analysis and crowdfunded by Kiwis like you. This website is designed to help everyday New Zealanders understand the TPPA.

TPPA will add an extra $2.7 billion to GDP by 2030

(That's a rise of 0.9% )

But hang on a minute, real GDP was already projected to increase by 47% without TPPA. So that's a 47.9% growth rate with TPPA or 47% without it.

Considering the trade-offs in that case, is TPPA really worth it?


(It's up to us to decide)

In pro-TPPA rhetoric, the deal is marketed as a β€œ21st century agreement.” But one has to ask, if this 21st century trade agreement undercuts democratic processes at home and abroad, and is kept secret from the public and our elected officials during negotiations while being open to lobbyists, who does the 21st century belong to? Will people and governments be allowed to protect public health and the environment –or defend indigenous rights and affordable medicines? Or will corporate lobbyists set the terms? Our hope is that these fact sheets will help you to participate in that decision.

It's not a healthy democracy if you can't understand it.

This website was crowdfunded by everyday New Zealanders who want to ensure that we are going into the biggest trade deal of our time with eyes wide open. Informed by research supported by a grant from the NZ Law Foundation. We've designed it so it's easy to share key facts with your friends and family.

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It's not a healthy democracy if you can't understand it.